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Aromae Botanicals Conditioning Shampoo



Bergamot & Green Tea Conditioning Shampoo (champú acondicionador,
shampooing revitalisant)

Relaxing beauty, naturally, with a lush sensory experience. Take guests from “stay” to “get-away.”
This engaging, modern design combines rich botanical ingredients to pamper your guests.

• Extensive premium-quality assortment of hair and skin care products.
• Aloe, sage, rosemary, chamomile, bergamot, green tea, eucalyptus, and fresh citruses hydrate and energize.
• Special formulations that cleanse, stimulate and rejuvenate.
• Created with essential oils and aromatic essences appealing to both men and women.
• Thick, lavish textures that nourish hair and skin.
• Elegant, contemporary packaging complements any room décor.
• Easy-to-use flip-top dispensing caps.


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