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Sister Sky Shower Cap



Natural Solutions From Native Roots. Sister Sky’s mission is to create natural products inspired by herbal wisdom of Native American culture. Native Americans have rich and meaningful plant traditions respecting nature’s own healing herbs from the Earth.

Sister Sky products share Native American herbal wisdom in an authentic and respectful manner that promotes harmony, balance, education, sustainability and cultural sharing.

• Sister Sky products are scented with Sweet Grass, a purifying and cleansing herb, which has long been believed to dispel negative energy and elicit emotional strength.
• Sweet Grass has a clean, fresh scent, and is a gender neutral fragrance.
• Sister Sky is the only personal care product line approved by the Intertribal Agriculture Council to use the “Made by American Indians” trademark.
• These gentle products contain no mineral oil or petroleum, are paraben and lanolin free, and are made of biodegradable formulas.
• Eco-friendly packaging includes recyclable bottles and caps.
• Sister Sky is 100% Native American owned and operated, and they are MBE Certified through the NMSDC.
• Easy to squeeze bottle and flip-top cap for ease of dispensing product.

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